Bracelets are fun to make and fun to wear. Adding one to your outfit instantly brings a little class and style to your look. Bracelets can be designed simply, like the Basic One-Strand Wire Bracelet, or stunningly, like the many-dangled Charm Bracelet.

This book will teach you five different ways to make your own lovely earrings, ranging from easy to intricate. The instructions are clearly written with photographs illustrating each step, so creating these bracelets truly is easy even if you've never made jewelry before.

Included in this book are tips on where to find your beads and materials, what jewelry tools to use, how to make a durable elastic bracelet, and more!

Once you purchase this ebook, you will be directed to a one-time download and the book can be saved directly to your computer and you'll be able to start making your beautiful handcrafted bracelets! You can also print out the pages of the book for easier use.

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