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Julia is a 22-year-old professional jewelry designer who has been creating handmade jewelry for over sixteen years.

She loves sharing her talents and wrote, designed, and photographed the ebooks featured on this site to help other jewelry lovers make their own unique, delightful creations.

Julia has a passion for colors and sparkle. Each of her jewelry designs is completely original and never made twice.

Julia was homeschooled all the way and loved it, and she loves her Lord and Savior with her whole heart.
Then you've come to the right place. Learn to make seven different styles of necklaces, seven different styles of earrings, and five different bracelet designs with the "How To Create" ebooks by Julia Erickson.

If you've never made jewelry before, these books are perfect for you. If you already make your own jewelry but are looking for fresh ideas and techniques, this ebook series has your name on it. With projects ranging from basic to dazzling, there is something for every designer.

Download an ebook to your computer with an easy one-time Paypal payment through our secure digital download... and you'll be on your way to making beautiful jewelry, perfect for wearing yourself for any occasion or to give away as a personal, touching gift.

Easy to use, the books are written with high-quality photographs of each step of each project, making it a breeze to follow along. Your creativity will be inspired and your imagination sparked with the lovely ideas and styles in each of our three books. Visit the ebook page to start your journey to gorgeous handcrafted jewelry.
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